At Ilusión Visual we have been making this type of videos for years for large companies such as SAP or Seidor, which gives us a great experience with which to approach a job of the highest quality offering an agile service. We have made productions throughout Spain and even abroad, such as in Qatar.

A success story video collects the testimony of a client talking about the benefits achieved thanks to the products or services provided by company x.

Our methodology

Success story

Success stories are a very effective way to make yourself known because who better than a satisfied customer to sell our brand or product. It is also a formula for not talking about yourself, but part of the market talking about your company

A success story video is the most natural way for your potential clients to opt for your brand or company instead of your competition. It is clear that when choosing where to go on vacation or what car to buy, you will ask your friends for their opinion, or you will search the Internet for users who have had a positive experience. Their comments can make a difference when choosing a specific product, much more than a simple advertising brochure or a website.

Our Videos:

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When you have clients of the that you feel proud and that you believe it is positive to make it known, making a success story video is the best formula to spread it in the market.

In recent years, video success stories have become a fundamental marketing tool. This type of video is used more and more in the world of marketing because if, in addition, the client who talks about us is prestigious or is from the sector in which I want to increase sales, it has a great impact on potential clients.

In the team we have bilingual editors and operators in English, as well as editors with countless jobs of this type behind them, so trusting Ilusión Visual means ensuring the success of the project.