An animated video is perfect for to tell a product, service or brand in a simple and striking way. At Ilusión Visual we know this, that is why we have been working this type of videos for companies like Leroy Merlin. We have Motion Graphics experts, illustrators and scriptwriters who create engaging and easy-to-understand videos.

Created entirely with illustrations and callouts , Animated videos allow you to tell things that are difficult to record or explain. It focuses the audience’s attention on what really interests the customer, hence every time are more demanded by companies.

Our methodology

We listen

We work side by side with our clients to inform them of the status of the process, delivering, yes, a turnkey product, ready to hang on a website and spread through social networks.

There are different styles of Motion Graphics. In Visual Illusion we advise to carry out the product that best fits the client’s target by product, market or even by budget, always seeking to maximize the marketing investment to be made. We are well aware that the production of any audiovisual product is an expense incurred by a company and an institution, which is why we provide free advice to achieve maximum possible dissemination.< /p>

Are you thinking of making a video?

We offer three types of animated video:

We offer three types of animated video:

Pre-defined animated video

Made with a base of drawings and standard backgrounds and some simple movements. The dolls and decorations are adapted to the wishes of the client, although they have a style that cannot be modified. They are great, friendly and cheap. Greatly appreciated for small budgets or to cover a significant number of videos.

Simple animation

We include more developed illustrations and they can have different styles. The graphic line can be determined. They are more complex, more open to different possibilities and better suited to explain things that are not so standard. They are the ones we do the most because of the enormous possibilities that they offer in their creation and because of their difference from other videos of our clients’ competition. They fit like a glove for most cases.

Animation with illustration

In this case, after writing the script, we order the images from our illustrator, who makes them based on the text. In this way, the symbiosis between text and image is perfect because templates or predefined images are not used. They are the most customizable of all. Their possibilities are endless. The images can be similar to those of the company. They are more complex to produce but the result is undoubtedly more striking.

Making an animated video is a very good option. Doing it with the help of an expert producer is the key to success with it. At Ilusión Visual we have been making animated videos since 2015. Always attentive to the evolution of the market, trends and offering the best option for each case.