We believe that the most important thing is to apply the acquired technique with passion and feeling, keeping in mind the purpose of the snapshot. And since we are dedicated to marketing, making the portrayed object shine and stand out is what we pay the most attention to. Based on our knowledge, in Visual Illusion we look for the light that best reflects the objective to be portrayed.

Photography is an art. Like any art, it forces you to master the technique in order to get the most out of each image. The years have given us the strength to delve into beauty and make our work gain strength on its own.

Creativity and imagination is one of our strengths. Try to break the classics when you can we love it. Play with the image, with the character or product so that the camera captures the most outstanding moment, the most symbolic and manages to stand out from the rest. One of the bases of marketing: offer something different to attract the attention of the public.

Product photography

There is no product to which we cannot give the special touch that allows it to be offered to the viewer as something desired. Before each job, we do a lighting study that we are going to apply, the product, styling and the actors. We achieve excellent results thanks to the enthusiasm and experience that we apply to each assignment. The mission: to make the product stand out.

We have experience in very different product photography:

Types of snapshots we take:


Events are our favorite place to dive camera in hand portraying the highlights, the most impressive, what our clients have put all their effort into and should not be left out of the summary of images.

But in addition, we portray the atmosphere of the event, curiosities and highlights.
We take care of every detail so that the photographs are remembered for a long time.


The face is the mirror of the soul, it is said.
We put the light and the camera to capture its beauty in its maximum splendor.

Of course, depending on the purpose of the photograph We can seek to offer the most professional image, the most trustworthy, the most sympathetic side or the deepest and most intimate.

Architecture and interiors

A space, a building, a house are all spaces with lights, shadows and lines. Controlling all of them to highlight the best of each point of view is what we do.
Although it seems simple, the task of making a space well is complicated. In Visual Illusion we dominate optical aberrations, linear retouching, double exposure and all the techniques that are necessary to correctly expose an interior and exterior place. They are years of experience and passion for work.

Want to create an impact with your photos?

Los trabajos de producto y retrato podemos hacerlos tanto en nuestras instalaciones como en las del cliente. Con fondos de estudio, chroma o con atrezzo, para ubicar el producto en un entorno más natural. Las posibilidades son infinitas, pero el resultado sólo puede ser uno: excepcional.

Incluimos maquillaje si el trabajo así lo exige, para que las caras salgan sin brillos y con el tono adecuado. Un trabajo fotográfico bien hecho, conlleva numerosos elementos y el del maquillaje también tiene gran importancia.

Amamos nuestro oficio. No nos importa pasar frío o calor. En Ilusión Visual lo único que nos remueve es lograr impactos con nuestras instantáneas. ¿Quieres impactar con tus fotografías?

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